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Property Managers are some of the busiest people we know. You have a constant stream of complaints, problems, and issues from tenants—all the while trying to keep your building looking its best while staying within a tight budget. And keeping the appearance of your building up is critical to attracting top dollar for your facilities.

We know, just like you do, that your floors take some of the harshest treatment of any part of your building. We have a complete suite of solutions to extend the life of your floors so they continue to work well and look great for as long as possible.

And, when it does come time to replace all or part of your flooring, we can help with every step of that process, too. As a Commercial Floor Finishes Contractor, we handle every aspect of flooring, from choosing the right materials for your unique needs, to high-quality maintenance, to removal of old floors and installation of new ones.

With over 25 years in business and 100 years of experience between the company’s principals, we know your floor like no one else, and we know the right answers to keep your facility in great shape as cost effectively as possible.

  • We have been here for over 16 years
  • We can work within your budget and schedule limitations
  • We offer a vast array of floor finishes
  • We can save you money and time
  • We can eliminate specification errors
DSB+ Specialized Services for Property Managers

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